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Skin Care Devices - DO NOT USE IF...

The important thing you should consider is your medical history. There are some general contraindications for electrotherapy devices listed below. Absolute - means you can not use the device at all. Local - means you can not use the device on a certain area of the body.

Conditions where treatment is contraindicated (absolute):

  • cancer
  • cardiac pacemaker
  • acute infectious disease and fever
  • nausea
  • dysfunction or disorders of the nervous system
  • drink or drugs
  • inflammatory disease
  • pregnancy
  • epilepsy
  • extreme high or low blood pressure\heart disease
  • pacemakers
  • hemophilia

Treatment local contraindications:

  • avoid passing the current through the eyeball or cardiac area
  • any undiagnosed growths or lumps
  • areas with recent bruising or bleeding
  • phlebitis and thrombosis, vascular conditions (rosacea, etc.)
  • metal pins or plates
  • pustule acne
  • new scar tissue (up to 12 months)
  • sunburn.

If you have any other health conditions you are under the doctor supervision - consult your physician.

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