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Beauty Tools at Work

There are many types of electrical skin care devices that we can incorporate in our everyday skin care routine at home. When professional devices are more powerful, the portable versions can be used as a supportive treatment or even, to some point, to substitute a salon procedure.


The most important question is - do they really work or it is just the next "snake oil" remedy?

Electrotherapy though is not a myth. A wast variety of physical therapy is performed using some kind of current or magnetic wave emitting devices. Those treatments were developed to stimulate, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and such.

As with microcurrent, it was noticed that therapeutic application (in this case treating palsy condition) improved the appearance of the skin and so the cosmetic use of electrotherapy began.

First available only in salons and medical spas, the devices got miniaturized as the technology developed.

Nowadays we have small, portable skin care gadgets on hand that can be used at home.

When you purchase the portable device you should understand that it may take some time to see visible results. 15 minutes per day can not rival 40 minutes salon facials. The cosmetician working on your face in a salon follows a full treatment protocol, starting with professional skin cleansing, exfoliation, stimulation, nutrient masque and a finishing touch - hydration.

So be patient with your little beauty tool. With a consistent use, you will definitely see results, but also be realistic - you will not be able to achieve full face lift as a substitution to a plastic surgery. Some skin conditions, unfortunately, are not possible to improve by other means than a surgeon help.


The common mistake that is made by beginners is the lack of consistency.

The first question to ask yourself to estimate if investing into the beauty tool is a right thing for you - is: how long will I be able to use it and follow all directions and skin care steps? Is it just once in a while when I get enthusiastic after reading a guide or skin care article? Or my skin care routine is something I do every single night or morning, or I dedicate a full day once a week to my beauty tasks?

Did it happen that you already have few fitness machines you bought promising yourself  that you will do your  best to maintain a perfect shape? And they did not work! Simply because you just can't make yourself  to exercise every day. You are  too busy, too tired, it doesn't feel like doing anything - you name the excuse!

Improving your face is the same as improving your body - it will not happen at once, especially when it comes to rejuvenation. It is not a make-up application that gives you instant beautification, it is more like a process that needs constant attention and hard work.



It is so easy to give up half way, especially if you do not see the results. However it may be just you are not looking!

The best way to evaluate the progress is to take pictures of  face parts that bother you the most (close and without make up - I know it would look horrible, but remember it is only for your own "scientific" use).

Make yourself a treatment plan, using a calendar - this way it would be easy to track the progress. Make sure you plan includes no less than 8 consecutive treatments.

When you will be halfway through, you should take another picture right after the treatment. The reason of doing that is very simple - you see yourself every day and 20-30% improvement is not noticeable to you. 

Did you ever had a situation when meeting a person you haven't seen for a while and noticing how much that person changed? Guess what - for them they probably think they look the same as 5 years ago.


Be honest with yourself - there are some things that are possible to improve and ther4e some that are not.

Look in the mirror and examine your face - there is no way to turn time back. You will not become younger and look like your 16-years old daughter or even 25 years old co-worker. You will definitely look better, will have smooth glowing skin, but some changes are irreversible if occurred. Luckily many undesirable conditions may be prevented. But there is definitely should be a plan and understanding what to do.


One important matter to address is an electrical safety.

The amount of energy the portable device emits is very low, but there are some safety concerns that should be addressed. First of all people have a tendency to overdo. We are too impatient to see the results as soon as possible.

As it happened with Tretinoin when its anti wrinkling effect was discovered. People were applying this medication so often to their skin that it caused a chemical burn. When you visit a salon, skin care professional will monitor your skin conditions, using conservative approach, based on her\his experience and skills. You, buying a new device, do not have those skills - so proceed with caution.



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